yoga & meditation

The Heart of Hatha ~ Hannibal Square ~ est. 2018

Try it for Yourself

What makes yoga so alluring? If you already have a regular practice your answer might simply be that you love how you feel when your body, mind and spirit are aligned during class. If you have yet to take your first class in a studio setting, we invite you to try it for yourself with us at The Heart of Hatha. Either way, we have placed our entire focus on you – the yoga practitioner. Your self-care, your peace of mind, your joy. Go on – Try it for yourself, have a direct experience and make the connection now!

Our Mission

To serve individuals and the community through the practice of yoga; fostering consciousness, connection and creativity for a life well-loved.

Yoga shows the way.

All of us are looking for fulfillment and, one way or another, all of us will eventually find it. In that respect, we are all already yogis. What makes the difference is realizing that there is a direct path to truth and fulfillment available to you, and consciously choosing to take that path.

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